DOBI Trading Platform Opens API

The application can obtain assets, transactions, and other data though API which is provided by the DOBI platform. Because the privacy of date is involved, DOBI authorization (available after login) must be obtained before using the API

Common parameters

Request address

EnvironmentHTTPS request address
Official environment

HTTP Request Headers

Parameter Necessarily Description Example
Content-type YES fixed at : Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8
Accept-Language NO zh-*:Chinese,en-*:English, default(Chinese) en-US

Common request parameters

Parameter Type Necessarily Maximum Length Description Example
accessKey String YES 32 API access key 64e744a3314033c67876846be192f64b
timestamp String YES 10 Unix timestamp 1517068800
version String YES 3 interface version, fixed at 1.0 1.0
sign String YES 32 See the signature for details: signature See example

Common response parameters

Parameter Type Necessarily Maximum Length Description Example
status Int YES - 0 failed, 1 successful, 2 error 1
msg String YES - the description of Return status Operation succeeded
data String YES - response data {"key":"value"}

Signature algorithm

(The following is a complete example)

Step 1. Sort the key of the parameter in ascending order of ascii. Example:


Step 2. Assemble into a string to get queryString,and URL-encode (otherwise the special character will cause the signature not to pass). Example:


Step 3. Encrypt the secret key (example value: fe01ce2a7fbac8fafaed7c982a04e229) and queryString with the HMAC-SHA1 algorithm to obtain the signature string. Example: